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SAAS solution for small & medium Retail

One-stop Cloud based platform: warehouse, e-comm, online POS, sales, deliveries, employee and roles management, discounts, loyalty and customer CRM. Below you can find our best & competitively priced solutions for small and medium retail businesses. 

Do you need a professional Point of Sale software solution?

Top features for grow your retail

Point of Sale App

Convenient App to accept payments for products and services

Realtime retail reports

Profit, sales and cost controls – Use out of the box or build your own

Inventory management​

Inventory control and supply management tool

Mobile applications

Manage your business wherever you are, no desktop needed

Retail CRM

Customers database, full activity history with loyalty programs support

Customers support​

24/7 live support for rapid resolution, knowledge portal, training

Business type solutions





Ainur Point of Sale Apps

Convenient Fully Integrated Point Of Sale App

Sell in-store

AinurPOS is a web-based point of sale system that simplifies selling to your customers and makes them return to your store. It works on PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use that you can get your employees to sell in no time.

Sell on-the-go

The process of selling and placing an order can take place outside the store. AinurPOS will help you connect with your customers wherever you are. Fewer taps, taps and keystrokes means more time for customers to be satisfied. AinurPOS app is a fast, convenient and beautiful Android application.

Works with
Web Interface
Ainur Point of Sale Apps
Inventory Management Software for Warehouse

AinurPOS makes it easier to connect and work with POS equipment

Inventory Management Software

AinurPOS removes time-consuming tasks of inventory management so you can concentrate on the perfect service for your customers

Continuous Inventory Control

Inventory Management Small Business Software

1. Simple purchasing process

Make purchases simply and quickly by selecting products from certain suppliers. Send purchase orders to suppliers via email

2. Stock adjustment

The inventory adjustment system will allow you to record the fact of loss or damage of products in a timely manner to always maintain the correct quantity in the warehouse

3. Inventory counting

Accelerate the inventory process of your products by 50% with our end-to-end process of counting the quantity of inventory on your employees' mobile devices.

Multi Location Inventory Management​

Multi-location inventory tracking allows you to know exactly what kind of products you have and where it is located. Our software allows you to track the stock level in several warehouses anywhere in the world.

Suppliers Management

Detailed statistics for each supplier: amount and number of purchases and returns of products, amount of money paid and debt to supplier.

Real-Time Inventory Control

Instant updating of inventory levels between warehouses and your employees’ devices will avoid mistakes and provide your employees with real information to make the right decisions and reduce level of errors.
Inventory Management Small Business Software
Inventory Management Software for Warehouse

Customer Management and Loyalty program

Know your customers better and keep them coming back.

Grow your customer database, increase repeat sales. Attract new customers with cumulative discounts.

AinurPOS Customers is a customer relationship management, or CRM, software for small businesses that’s built into your AinurPOS admin area. Store your customers information, view how they interact with your business, and engage with them—all in one place.

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Import & Export

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Debt Control

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Purchase History

Affordable pricing


Get started with
one store​

$9 month

when annual payment

$13 month

when paid per 3 month



Advanced features for a growing business​

$19 month

when annual payment

$24 month

when paid per 3 month


Professional features for a large businesses​​

$49  month

when annual payment

$62 month

when paid per 3 month


All features with unlimited stores and users

$89 month

when annual payment

$111 month

when paid per 3 month

Global market solution

AinurPOS, together with partners, provides merchants around the world with great retail automation software.

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Inventory management & Point Of Sale Mobile Apps

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