Your convenient fully integrated point of sale from Ainur

Sell in-store on PC

AinurPOS ist eine web-basierte point-of-sale-system, das vereinfacht den Verkauf an Ihre Kunden und macht Ihnen die Rückkehr zu Ihrem Shop. Es funktioniert auf PC -, online-und offline -, und ist so einfach zu bedienen, dass Sie können erhalten Ihre Mitarbeiter zu verkaufen in keine Zeit.

Sell on-the-go with the AinurPOS app

The process of selling and placing an order can take place outside the store. AinurPOS will help you connect with your customers wherever you are. Fewer taps, taps and keystrokes means more time for customers to be satisfied. AinurPOS app is a fast, convenient and beautiful Android application.

inventory pos system
customer relationship management for small businesses
Goods, services and kits on one screen

Regardless of what you sell: goods, services or kits, your cashier works in one screen.

Search for products and customers

Quickly add products to the sale by entering keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name, phone number or discount card number.

Items and notes for sale

Add notes to be displayed on your customers’ receipts to inform them about care instructions, special discounts or other targeted offers.


Add discounts that will apply to all items in the customer’s cart or only to certain items.

Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo and website. Create receipt templates and choose which one you prefer to use after each sale. Choose to send receipts by email or print receipts after the sale.

Ainur Point of Sale Apps

The AinurPOS makes it easy for your customers to shop with you

Parked sales

Did the customer forget some product? Temporarily park any sale and retrieve it quickly when your customer is ready to complete their transaction.

Split Payments

Let your customers choose how they pay you. It is not difficult to separate payment types or accept payments from multiple parties.

Refunds and returns

Give every customer the opportunity to change their mind with a simple refund and refund processing.

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