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How to connect Bluetooth printer to POS application

Recently, AinurPOS has introduced a new feature that allows you to use Bluetooth printers for the Android OS cash register application

Bluetooth printers are a convenient and efficient solution for business. These printers use Bluetooth technology to connect to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, and can be used in various fields, including retail stores and restaurants.

To use this feature, users must first connect their Bluetooth printer to a device running the AinurPOS platform. Then, during sales, receipts will be printed automatically.
To connect the printer to the device, go to the menu of the cash register application and click on the main menu.

Then click on “Printer”

Next, we need to select the options for the printer:

  • Enable receipt printer
  • Always print checks.

Click on “Select Printer”

Then, select “Bluetooth Receipt Printer”

Now you have to connect the printer to the device. In the window that opens, click “Settings”.

You will open the Bluetooth settings of the device.

Now select a printer from the list or click on the button to add a new device.

Turn on the printer, it should appear in the list for connecting new devices. (A PIN code may be required, usually 0000).

After the Bluetooth printer appears in the list, select it:

Ready! Now we can conduct sales. After each sale, the receipt will be printed automatically.. 

The AinurPOS cash register application is compatible with all Bluetooth printers.

Updated on 23.05.2023

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