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The main thing in AinurPOS is the web version at web.ainur.app here you can create products, stores and add employees. Print price tags and analyze reports in a convenient form. You can create purchase documents, inventory, write-offs, etc. In addition, you can also make sales through the main application, if, for example, you do not need to print a receipt.

For a cashier working from a laptop, you can run the web version of the cash register application. All completed sales through the cash interface are processed in the cash shift, which allows you to track the effectiveness.

If you have a PC running Windows OS, then you can install a desktop cash register application that allows you to access additional equipment. For example, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner, a cash drawer, etc.

Full-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android, which are almost completely identical to the web version, allow you to quickly make changes in your company’s work or view reports in real time.

The cash Android application can be installed on any smartphone or tablet and make sales at the point even with a problematic Internet.

Updated on 26.05.2023

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