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In the AinurPOS we added a setting of taxes for your needs. In this article, we’ll show you how it works.

1. Company settings

Go to the company settings, in the web version of AinurPOS. The new point of menu is “Taxes”. Here, you can select the method of accrual. It can be included in the price (ex. VAT) or tax over the price (ex. Sales Tax).

Next, you need to make a list of taxes. The list contains information about taxes in your country. Like rate, tax name, and tax code for integration with a tax service system.

2. Store tax

By default, when you make a sale order, automatically set store tax for all products in the invoice. You need to set this tax on the store card.

Open the store list in the web version of AinurPOS and click Edit. In the store card, you need to select tax for this store. Well done, now you can make a sale order with the correct taxes.

3. Product tax

Go to the catalog and open product card to edit information. As in-store settings, in the product settings, there is a tax field.

You can select one or more tax rates for the product, or you can set Tax free if this product hasn’t been taxed the rate.

Updated on 13.04.2023

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