Entering initial balances

Work in AinurPOS begins with the creation of products. We have already written how to create or import goods. In this article, we will figure out how to add initial balances to the program. You can do this both in the web version and in applications.

Import of goods


You can import a product to AinurPOS from any spreadsheet. How to do it? Go to the “Goods and Services” section. There is a button “Import of goods” above the table. Click on it and the table template will open. Copy and paste the data from where you import it from. Now give each column an assignment. If we are talking about entering initial balances, then it is necessary to specify columns with balances in stores. You can enter the initial balances for several stores at once in one import. Choose a way to match products and click Import

If you have set both the name and the quantity of the goods for each of the stores, then a stock adjustment document will be created. By the way, you can also go from the opposite: make the balances by simply creating a document of stock adjustment or purchase. Transfer the data from the invoice to the document and the goods will be in the database as soon as the purchase is fulfilled.

Scan the barcodes 

In the web version, you can launch the peafunction and start scanning products. In addition, you can start a new entry document and also scan barcodes, the goods will be added to the document.

In mobile applications, it is also possible to add stock using the built-in barcode scanner through the smartphone camera.

Edit each product

When creating or editing products, you have the opportunity to enter current balances. This can be done in all major AinurPOS applications.

Updated on 17.08.2023

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