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In the web version of AinurPOS, it is possible to add sets or packaging of goods. And in the documents to operate with the goods in packs.

How to add packaging?

When creating and editing a product, service, or set in the Basic Information section, click Add Packaging. A pair of fields open where you need to specify the name of the package and the quantity in basic units of measurement.

The number of packaging variations is not limited.

The application options may be different. For example, you buy juice in cans and sell it in cups.

How to use it?

When you add a product with the packaging to the document, keep in mind that the Unit is an editable field (has a yellow background shade). Here you can choose the packaging. The quantity of goods in one package is indicated in parentheses.

When choosing a package, the quantity of the product changes according to the multiplier.

Attention! In the “Price” column, the price is indicated for one basic unit. That is, even if you specify a Box (20pcs) in the “Unit” column, the price will still be reflected per piece. In the table below, this is 30 $/piece.

The data in the “Total” column is considered by default — it is the quantity in base units multiplied by the unit price. If you do not know the final unit price, but you know the amount, you can enter it in the “Total” cell, and the 1 unit price will be calculated automatically.

For example, the purchase of one three-liter jar of juice will look like this:

Sale of one cup of juice

It can be seen here that the package “Cup” is sold equal to 0.2 base unit — liter. The price per liter is $100, and the cost of a cup of juice is $20.


At the time of writing this article:

1. When viewing the document, the quantity is shown in basic units of measurement.

2. If the document is opened for editing, the packaging will already be loaded there.

3. In the orders, the quantity is also displayed in basic units of measurement.

4. The documents record the name of the package and the quantity of goods in the package. Thus, if you change the packaging data in the product card, everything will remain unchanged in the old documents. The same applies to the deleting of packaging in the product card.

If you buy goods in blocks and sell by the piece, or form a package, then this function will simplify your work.

Attention! At the moment, the functionality is only available in the web version and in the main Android application.

Updated on 17.08.2023

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