Working with sets

The sets in AinurPOS are a product consisting of several others. For example, a promotional gift set of shampoo + shower gel.

How to create

Creating a set is similar to creating a product, except for the Set Composition block, in which you need to add products, services, or other sets from which a new one will be made.

Web version. In the “Catalog” section, click “Create product” and in the first line replace “Product“ with “Set”. Then add the components.

Application. In the “Products and Services” section, click the plus sign and select “Set”. In the line “Composition of the set”, select the goods.

The sale price will be formed from the prices of those goods that are included in the package, taking into account their quantity, but you can set any price. You can also generate a barcode for your set, assign an image to the set, and set a group and category.

How accounting is conducted

The quantity of sets is formed as many as there are components. Let’s say you have created a set from a package of jasmine tea and a box of chocolates. You have 15 boxes of sweets in your warehouse, and 12 packs of tea. 12 sets will be created in this warehouse (in this store). At the same time, the list of goods and services will include both the set itself and its components.

How to use

The sets are indispensable for coffee-to-go, beauty salons, and flower shops.

To take into account the consumption, for example, of cups, coffee, milk, and syrup, you just need to create sets for each type of drink. And the components should be included in the program as goods. It’s the same with beauty salons. The set of “Complex manicures” may, for example, include both goods (a set of disposable tools, varnish) and a service (manicure).

The kits may be convenient for stores to hold “1+1=3″ type promotions.

How to calculate the profit by sets

This cannot be done directly. But you have two tools to recreate the picture. First, the report on sets — it will show you the sales of sets. And secondly, a report on goods, where you can track the profit for each of the components of the set.

To calculate whether it is profitable to sell a set, be careful when creating it. The goods included in the set must have purchase prices, sale prices, and quantities specified. Then each product will have a cost price.

The cost of a set is the sum of the cost of products, the sale price is the sum of the sale prices. To decide whether to discount the price, see that it is below the cost.

It is not recommended to overuse the attachment of kits into kits. Difficult attachments increase the time of formation of documents.

Updated on 17.08.2023

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