Product modifications

Modification is an additional option for a product (for example, size or color) that allows you to distinguish products with the same SKU. Modifications are often used in the clothing and footwear trade.

With the help of modification by properties, you can create several products with the same name at once, but with different properties, for example, make a model or size range.

For example, you need to make a product in three sizes (1, 2, 3) and in three colors (red, blue, and white). Moreover, each of the modifications has its own SKU, barcode, and photo. In this case, you can manually create each of the 9 product items, or you can enter modifications when creating the first product and automatically generate an array of products when saving.

In AinurPOS, modifications can be created for products and services.

How to do it?

Attention! Modifications cannot be generated when importing goods or when editing a card. You can set modifications only when creating a new product.

Web interface

On the Products and Services screen, click Create Product. Fill in the main fields with the name and prices. In the Warehouse block, enable the Product with modifications. After that, you will open the fields: Property and Values. In the property field, specify the name of the property. For example, color or size. In the values field, you need to enter the names of the properties, one by one, via Enter. To add another row, click Add New Property.

Repeats are monitored in the values field, so it will not be possible to enter two identical values. The values are not editable, they need to be deleted and re-entered.

With each input of the property lines and the input of a new value, the total number of future modifications and the list of modifications being created are displayed below.

You can delete modifications here. In addition, each modification can be deployed and immediately indicate its barcode, article number, and initial balance in stores.

The number of property lines is unlimited, as is the number of values, but when creating a large number of modifications, the load on the browser increases.

After saving the product, a notification with the number and list of modifications is displayed again.

As a result, you will have the required number of modifications in the table of goods and services. Each of which can be edited as a regular product. The only thing that distinguishes the modification from a simple product is the code.

Android application

In the application, modifications are created in the same way, through the Modification Editing block.

Updated on 16.08.2023

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