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The expiration date of products

You can set an expiration date for each product in AinurPOS.

How to set up the expiration date 

  1. Edit the product card
  2. Using a group operation to change the expiration date of several products
  3. Using the Import of Goods

How to track the expired goods

  1.  In the list of products, sort by the expiration date
  2. Filtering the list of products by the expiration date
  3. An informer about the expired goods is displayed on the main screen
  4. Information about the expiration date comes in a daily e-mail reportе

What is next

If you find an overdue product, then the product must be removed from sale. Using group operations, set a new expiration date for the goods.

If you using a filter you and have identified products whose expiration date is close, then you can either set a discount or set a new sale price through a group operation.

Updated on 26.08.2023

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