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Sales reports for periods

Sales by day / week / month

The report is generated according to the documents of sales and returns of sales

What displayed?

The report shows the efficiency of sales of goods for the selected periods.

Displayed here:

  1. Total sales of all products in the reporting period
  2. Amount of refunds
  3. Cost of sales
  4. Cost of refunds
  5. Profit — gross profit. It is calculated as the difference between revenue and the cost of goods sold, taking into account returns.ежду выручкой и себестоимостью проданных товаров с учётом возвратов.
  6. Sale cost — the sum of the cost of goods sold.
  7. Sales — the number of sales documents.
  8. Sales returns — the number of sales refund documents.
  9. Profitability is the ratio of profit to cost.
  10. Marginality is the ratio of profit to revenue.


    • Report period.
    • Shop. Filter by points of sale.
Updated on 25.08.2023

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